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Greece is known for its wonderful islands, its mythical stories, and, of course, its rich history. Today, I’ll take you to discover a lesser-known but equally fascinating place: Katakolo. This small port town, located on the western coast of the Peloponnese, is the ideal gateway for an excursion to ancient Olympia, the home of the ancient Olympic games.

Getting Lost in the Streets of Katakolo

An excursion to Katakolo is an experience full of charm and beauty. The city’s streets are picturesque, with pastel-colored buildings, local craft shops, seafront bars, and traditional restaurants. An ideal place for a relaxing stroll, sipping a cold frappé, the Greek iced coffee, and savoring the delicious local cuisine, based on fresh fish and typical dishes.

Katakolo Toy Museum

A must-visit place is the Katakolo Toy Museum. This fascinating attraction houses a vast collection of vintage toys from around the world, including many dating back to the early 20th century. It is a place of interest not only for children but also for adults, who will rediscover the joys of childhood.


From Katakolo to Ancient Olympia

But the real jewel of an excursion to Katakolo is the opportunity to visit ancient Olympia. Just 40 minutes by car or bus from Katakolo, one of the most important archaeological sites in Greece is located. Ancient Olympia is where the Olympic games were held in ancient Greece, an event that brought all Greek city-states together in peaceful competition.

The archaeological site is a place of great historical and cultural significance. Here you can admire the ruins of the Temple of Zeus, the Temple of Hera, and the Olympic Stadium. Each building tells a part of ancient Greek history and the importance of sport in culture.

Olympia Archaeological Museum

Next to the archaeological site is the Olympia Archaeological Museum, which houses an impressive collection of artifacts found during excavations. Among these, the famous Hermes of Praxiteles and the Nike of Paeonius, two masterpieces of ancient Greek sculpture.

A Journey Through History

An excursion to Katakolo and Olympia offers a fascinating journey through Greek history. The natural beauty, cultural richness, and historical significance of these places make this experience unique. Whether you are passionate about history, culture, nature, or simply eager to discover a lesser-known side of Greece, Katakolo will win you over.

The Fascinating Surroundings of Katakolo

As soon as you leave Katakolo and explore the surrounding region, you immerse yourself in a lush landscape of olive groves, vineyards, and verdant valleys, framed by imposing mountains and idyllic beaches.

The Beaches of Katakolo

Near Katakolo, there are some of the most beautiful beaches in the Peloponnese. Among these, Plakes Beach is a hidden gem, with its golden sand and crystal-clear waters of the Ionian Sea. Another stunning beach is Agios Andreas, known for its beautiful church on the hill and its ancient port.


Exploring the Wineries

The Peloponnese region is famous for its wine production, and a trip to Katakolo would not be complete without a visit to one of the many local wineries. Here, you can taste a variety of wines, such as Agiorgitiko and Roditis, and discover how they are produced. Many vineyards offer guided tours, which are a great way to learn more about the wine tradition of the region and sample some of its best products.

Katakolo Local Market

Finally, we recommend you drop by the local market in Katakolo. This market, which takes place once a week, is a great place to buy fresh products, such as fruit, vegetables, fish, and spices, as well as souvenirs and local crafts.

In conclusion, Katakolo is much more than just a starting point for ancient Olympia. With its charming streets, enchanting beaches, quality wine products, and access to one of Greece’s most important archaeological sites, Katakolo offers a unique travel experience.

So, when are you planning your next adventure? I hope Katakolo and ancient Olympia are on your list. I can’t wait to hear your travel stories in this beautiful part of Greece. Safe travels!


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