The Magic of Cruise Ship Pools

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The Magic of Cruise Ship Pools: A Dive into Luxury Amidst the Sea

As the ocean waves crash against the hull and the sea breeze gently caresses one’s face, another wave of pleasure emerges on the horizon of cruise ships: their stunning pools. These represent one of the distinctive elements of these imposing ships, and deserve an in-depth reflection on their beauty, utility, and charm.


Cruise ship pools are true architectural gems. Many of them are surrounded by luxurious loungers, poolside bars, and jacuzzis, all complemented by breathtaking views of the endless blue ocean. At night, underwater lighting creates a magical atmosphere, making the pool a perfect place to relax under the stars.


The onboard pools offer passengers a refreshing break from the summer heat and are a great alternative for those who want to take a swim without having to disembark. They are also the ideal place to socialize, participate in organized water activities, or simply enjoy some tranquility while reading a book.


There’s something particularly enchanting about diving into a pool floating in the middle of the ocean. It’s an experience that combines modern luxury and convenience with the power and majesty of nature, creating a truly unique contrast.

swimming pool on the msc cruise ship

Where Does the Water Come From?

A common question among the curious is: where does the water that fills the cruise ship pools come from? The answer may surprise many. Most cruise ships use seawater, treated and purified through a reverse osmosis process. This method not only ensures that the water is clean and safe for bathing, but is also a sustainable way to harness the most abundant resource around the ship: the ocean itself.

The Purification Process: A Dive into the Science Behind Cruise Ship Pools

Cruise ships are real masterpieces of engineering and design, and one of the most fascinating aspects of these floating structures is the way they manage and purify water for their pools. With thousands of passengers onboard and an infinite resource like the ocean all around, cruise companies have perfected an advanced scientific process to ensure that pool water is always clean, safe, and inviting.

1. Sea Water Collection:

The first step is naturally to draw water directly from the ocean. Ships are equipped with suction systems that draw in seawater and introduce it into the internal treatment system.

2. Sedimentation:

Once collected, the water first passes through large tanks or sedimentation basins. Here, heavier particles in the water, such as sand or algae, settle at the bottom, allowing the clearer water to flow to the next purification stage.

3. Reverse Osmosis:

Reverse osmosis is a process that uses a semipermeable membrane to separate and remove contaminants from water. Water is pushed against this membrane at high pressure, allowing only water molecules to pass through, while salt, bacteria, viruses, and other contaminants are retained and subsequently removed.

4. Chemical Treatment:

Even if reverse osmosis removes the vast majority of impurities, the water might still need further treatment to ensure the safety and comfort of swimmers. Usually, a disinfectant, such as chlorine, is added to eliminate any remaining bacteria or microorganisms.

5. Balancing and Heating:

Once purified, the water is then balanced in terms of pH and other factors to ensure it is pleasant for the skin and eyes. Many onboard pools are also heated, so at this stage, the water is brought to the desired temperature before being introduced into the pool.

This process, while it may seem complex, happens very quickly and efficiently, ensuring that water in cruise ship pools is always fresh and clean. It’s a combination of nature and science, allowing passengers to enjoy an unparalleled swimming experience, surrounded by the majesty of the ocean but with the comfort and safety of a luxury pool.


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The Magic of Cruise Ship Pools


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