A medieval day in the heart of modernity: Caneva World

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One of the great attractions of travel is not only seeing new places and discovering new cultures, but also experiencing the charm of past eras. If you love time travel, then Caneva World in Lazise, on Lake Garda in Italy, is a place not to be missed. Especially if you’re seeking an extraordinary immersion in the medieval era, this theme park offers an unforgettable travel experience.

Entering the Medieval Kingdom

From the moment you enter the imposing castle at the entrance of Medieval Times, you are immediately transported to another era. The grandeur of the castle, its stone walls, towers, and fluttering flags, everything seems built to capture the essence of a real medieval kingdom. Once you cross the gate, a realm of fun and entertainment awaits you.

A Dive into the Medieval Era

Caneva World manages to bring the Middle Ages to life with a remarkable level of accuracy and detail. Every corner of the theme park is a celebration of the era, from the picturesque medieval-style houses and narrow cobblestone streets to the costumed vendors selling era-typical crafts.

And it’s not just about taking a look, you can really live the medieval era. Whether trying out archery, participating in sword lessons, or joining in one of the many medieval games, there’s something for everyone.

Caneva World

Breathtaking Shows

One of the highlights of a visit to Medieval Times is undoubtedly the knight show. These vibrant and action-packed performances, where knights in gleaming armor fight for honor and glory, are a real spectacle to behold. The thrill of seeing knights challenge each other in skill competitions and sword duels is unmatched.

A Tasty Medieval Experience

And what would a journey to the Middle Ages be without a medieval banquet? The park’s cuisine offers a wide variety of dishes inspired by the medieval era. Imagine sitting in a large dining hall, eating pork shank and drinking beer from terracotta pitchers, while costumed musicians play medieval tunes. The dining experience is as authentic as it is delicious.


Caneva World is more than a theme park: it’s a time machine that takes visitors back centuries, allowing them to live, if only for a day, life in the medieval era. With its fantastic combination of entertainment, culture, and food, Medieval Times at Caneva World is an experience that every travel enthusiast should live at least once. Whether you’re a fan of medieval history, looking for a unique experience, or just eager to have fun, this medieval kingdom in the heart of modern Italy will not disappoint.

Safe travels and enjoy your adventure into the Middle Ages!


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A medieval day in the heart of modernity: Caneva World


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