What to visit in Barcelona ? How to experience a dream excursion

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Welcome to Barcelona, the beating heart of Catalonia and one of the most appreciated tourist destinations in Europe. This fascinating city offers a perfect fusion between modern and ancient, urban and natural. With its rich history, extraordinary architecture, and sublime cuisine, Barcelona offers a unique adventure around every corner. Here is a guide that will take you to the most fascinating points in the city.


1. La Sagrada Familia

This basilica, an unfinished masterpiece by architect Antoni Gaudí, is one of Barcelona’s most iconic monuments. Although its construction began in 1882, La Sagrada Familia continues to be an evolving work site. Despite this, its fascinating interiors and sky-touching towers are a must-see attraction.

2. Park Güell

Another gift from Gaudí to the city, Park Güell is a paradise of colorful mosaics and dreamlike structures. This artistic garden offers a panoramic view of all of Barcelona and the Mediterranean Sea. Its terraces, winding paths, and colorful seating are a tribute to nature and creativity.

3. The Gothic Quarter

The Gothic Quarter is the historic heart of Barcelona. Walk along its narrow medieval alleys, visit the Barcelona Cathedral, and enjoy a coffee in one of its picturesque squares. Don’t forget to stroll down La Rambla, one of the city’s most famous streets, full of shops, markets, and street artists.

4. The Boqueria Market

The Mercat de Sant Josep de la Boqueria, more commonly known as the Boqueria Market, is a paradise for foodies. Here you will find a variety of fresh fruit, fish, meat, and other local delights. You can also stop at one of its tapas stalls to taste real Catalan cuisine.

5. Poble Espanyol

Built for the 1929 Universal Exposition, Poble Espanyol is an open-air museum that represents the diverse regional architectures of Spain. Walking through its streets, it will seem like you’re traveling in different Spanish regions in a single visit.

The History of Barcelona

Barcelona has a long and fascinating history. Founded by the Romans in the 1st century BC, the city was an important center of the Visigothic kingdom and then of the Islamic frontier in the Middle Ages. Later, with the expansion of the Kingdom of Aragon, Barcelona became an important commercial center in the Mediterranean.

The city’s golden age arrived in the 19th and 20th centuries with industrial expansion. During this period, Barcelona underwent urban transformation with the opening of new neighborhoods, such as the Eixample, and the creation of exceptional architectural works, many of which are signed by Antoni Gaudí, the leading exponent of Catalan modernism.

Today, Barcelona is a cosmopolitan city, a cultural and artistic center, and one of the most visited European capitals. Its Roman past, its medieval churches, its modernist works, and its charming beaches make it an irresistible destination for travelers.

6. Montjuïc

Montjuïc is a hill located in the southwest of Barcelona, a place that offers so much to see and do. Here you can visit the Castell de Montjuïc, a 17th-century military fortress that offers a panoramic view of the city. The area also hosts several museums such as the Museu Nacional d’Art de Catalunya (MNAC), where you can admire a broad collection of Roman, Gothic, Renaissance, and modern art. Don’t forget to visit the gardens of Montjuïc and the Font Màgica, a fountain that offers a light and music show.

7. The Eixample District

Eixample is famous for its grid-like streets and for hosting two of Gaudí’s most famous works: Casa Milà (or La Pedrera) and Casa Batlló. Both buildings are UNESCO World Heritage Sites and are splendid examples of Catalan modernism. Stroll down the elegant Passeig de Gràcia, one of Barcelona’s most important avenues, where you can admire these and other modernist architectures.

8. Port Vell and La Barceloneta

Port Vell is the historical harbor of Barcelona, a perfect place for an evening stroll. Visit the Barcelona Aquarium, one of the largest in Europe, or board the Telefèric del Port for a panoramic view of the city. Not far away is La Barceloneta, the maritime district of the city, famous for its beaches and seafood restaurants.

9. Picasso Museum

This museum hosts one of the most extensive collections of works by the famous painter Pablo Picasso. With over 4,000 works, the Picasso Museum offers a comprehensive overview of the artist’s early works and his deep connection with Barcelona.

10. Camp Nou

If you’re a football fan, a visit to Camp Nou is a must. This stadium, home to FC Barcelona, is one of the largest in the world. You can visit the club museum, take a tour of the stadium, and if you’re lucky, watch a live match.

Catalan Culture

Barcelona is the capital of Catalonia, a region with a distinct culture and language. During your stay in Barcelona, you will have the opportunity to discover Catalan traditions, such as the sardana (a typical dance), the castells (human towers), and the Sant Jordi festival, when the streets are filled with book and rose stalls. Catalan cuisine is another essential element of local culture, with dishes such as paella, crema catalana, and cava, a sparkling wine typical of the region.


Whether you’re an art lover, a history buff, a foodie, or a beach enthusiast, Barcelona has something to offer everyone. Rich in diversity, full of life, and bathed in Mediterranean sunshine, this city will leave you speechless. Get ready to discover and fall in love with Barcelona, a city that never ceases to surprise. Buen viaje!


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What to visit in Barcelona ? How to experience a dream excursion


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