The unforgettable charm of (EX) Costa Firenze: A dream voyage

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The Costa Firenze, one of the gems of the Costa Cruises fleet, is not just a cruise ship, but an evolving artistic expression, a true floating museum that offers a unique and unforgettable travel experience.

The first thing that captures the eye on the Costa Firenze is its grandeur: with a length of 323 meters, a width of 37 meters, and the capacity to host up to 5,200 passengers, this cruise ship is truly a giant of the sea. But it’s not only its size that impresses: it’s the elegance of its design, inspired by the Italian Renaissance, that truly sets it apart.

As soon as you step foot on Costa Firenze, you are welcomed by a magnificent replica of a Florentine square, Piazza della Signoria. This splendid open space is surrounded by restaurants, shops, and bars, offering a vibrant and welcoming atmosphere. From here, passengers can enjoy a breathtaking view of the sea and relax with an outdoor aperitif or dinner.

The ship offers a myriad of culinary options. The Palazzo Restaurant, for example, is a tribute to Italian culinary tradition, with a variety of delicious dishes prepared with fresh, quality ingredients. There are also restaurants dedicated to international cuisine, including one specializing in Asian dishes, always surprising with innovative and tasty proposals.

The entertainment options on board are endless. From the Venetian Theatre, where high-quality shows are proposed every evening, to the casino, the disco, and even the gym and wellness center, Samsara Spa, there’s something for every taste. Not to mention the numerous swimming pools and hot tubs, ideal for relaxing after a day full of adventures.

The cabins of the Costa Firenze are designed to offer maximum comfort. There are different types of cabins available, from standard to suite, all tastefully furnished and equipped with every comfort, including air conditioning, minibar, TV, safe, and 24-hour room service.

Finally, the destinations. The Costa Firenze offers spectacular itineraries, touching the most fascinating ports of the Mediterranean, including Barcelona, Marseille, Savona, and many others. Each stopover is an opportunity to discover new cultures, breathtaking landscapes, and authentic flavors.

In conclusion, a trip aboard the Costa Firenze is an experience that goes beyond a simple cruise. It’s a journey through time and space, which takes us to discover the beauty of the Italian Renaissance and the wonders of the Mediterranean. It’s a dream journey, where every moment is an unforgettable memory. All that’s left is to set sail and let yourself be enchanted by the charm of Costa Firenze.

The Costa Cruises fleet to that of Carnival Cruise Line. The Costa Firenze, celebrated for its unmistakable Renaissance Italian-inspired style, is preparing to take on a new guise. From Spring 2024, she will be known as Carnival Firenze, offering thrilling voyages from her new home port of Long Beach, California.

With the addition of this ship to the fleet, Carnival Cruise Line is expanding its offerings, introducing the “Carnival Fun Italian Style” experience. This initiative, kicking off in June 2023 with the arrival of Carnival Venezia, promises to immerse passengers in a vivid Italian atmosphere, combining the best of Italian cuisine, sophisticated design, and the typical entertainment of Carnival cruises.

Christine Duffy, President of Carnival Cruise Line, expressed great excitement about this new venture, defining it as a “fantastic option” for guests, with the promise of a truly spectacular Italian ambiance.

Carnival Firenze is set to navigate towards highly desired destinations, including Baja California and the Mexican Riviera, offering voyages throughout the year. Despite the impending fleet and name change, the ship promises to retain its unique charm, perfectly blending the elegance of the Italian Renaissance with the festive atmosphere typical of Carnival cruises.

Cruise enthusiasts and loyal Carnival guests are invited to register to be the first to receive detailed information about itineraries and special promotional offers. Carnival Firenze is ready to set sail on this new adventure, promising a travel experience that will be rich in excitement and unforgettable memories.


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The unforgettable charm of (EX) Costa Firenze: A dream voyage


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