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Mykonos, located in the Aegean Sea, is part of the Cyclades, a Greek archipelago in the Mediterranean landscape. It is an island that welcomes thousands of tourists throughout the year, but mass tourism has not changed the beauty of its splendid and characteristic landscapes, such as narrow streets and white houses with blue balconies. Mykonos has an international airport and two ports, one of which is used by cruise ships, making it one of the main stops along with Santorini. The average stopover is around 10 hours.

Mykonos can be reached by air, in fact there are many direct flights from the main Italian airports, reaching Mykonos in a short time. These airports are: Bari-Palese; Bologna; Florence; Milan; Naples; Rome; Bergamo; Venice. Once you arrive at the airport or port of Mykonos, it is possible to reach various destinations by bus or alternatively by taxi.

The island of Mykonos has two ports. The old port is closest to the city of Mykonos City. If the ship docks at this port, boats will be used to bring cruise passengers ashore. While if the mooring takes place at the New Port (Tourlos), about 3 Km from the city, to reach the center there are public buses/coaches or shuttles from the cruise company.

The main cultural attractions of the city are found in the port area, the Kastro district. In the historic district, you can admire the Panagia Paraportiani church dedicated to the Virgin Mary, a typical small white church of the Greek islands, an architectural result of the fusion of four small churches built one close to the other from the XV to XVII century.


The best area for shopping is the winding Matoyianni Street, the most important street, a narrow and long road that begins near the old port and ends almost in Little Venice. Along the route, there are all kinds of shops from high fashion to ethnic places, with many small alleys where you can observe white houses, blue windows and doors, flowered balconies representing classic Cycladic architecture.

Little Venice is one of the symbol places of “Chora” known for its characteristic 18th-century houses overlooking the sea like in Venice. The architecture is typical Mediterranean which characterizes the whole island. Once inhabited by fishermen, today the area is populated by cafes, restaurants, art galleries, and trendy shops.

The place is called Kato Myli and is within walking distance from the shuttle docking point. The mills, all with a circular plan, walls plastered with white lime, and straw roof overlook the district of Little Venice. Six of these buildings can be seen almost from any point of Chora. One of the mills, that of Boni, is open to tourists from July to September and houses a section of the Folkloric Museum of Mykonos. Built in the 16th century, the mills of Mykonos have represented for four centuries an important voice for the island’s economy. Today, after being renovated and repainted, they represent one of the main attractions. The area is also conveniently served by the bus line.

The Armenistis lighthouse in Mykonos is a truly suggestive place from where you can enjoy a fantastic panorama of the port of Mykonos, the nearby islands of Tinos, Rineia and Delos, and one of the most beautiful sunsets in the world. It is located in the Fanari area, about 7 Km from Chora and can be reached along a beautiful coastal road.

Ano Mera, 8 Km from Chora, is the second most populous center of Mykonos after the capital. A very quiet village with architectural and historical beauties, and with the characteristic narrow and paved streets of the historic center. The Monastery of Panagia Tourliani, the bell tower, the marble fountain in the center of the courtyard, and the internal exhibition of sacred vestments of the Byzantine tradition are worth a visit. Buses leaving from the port of Chora reach Ano Mera with good frequency. On the hill of Ano Mera, in one of the greenest areas of the island, is the other monastery of Paleokastro, a female convent of the 18th century.

Mykonos is a splendid destination for those who love the sea, in fact, there are many beaches. All very beautiful and varied, in the south are the most sheltered from the winds, while in the north are the wildest beaches. In the south you will find:

Paradise Beach

The beach is 6 Km from Chora. A beautiful fine sand beach overlooking a transparent sea and is probably the most famous tourist attraction of the island of Mykonos. It is the beach of the young, a super-equipped beach where there are establishments, bars, restaurants, and equipment rental for water activities.

Super Paradise

Next to Paradise beach is its twin beach, the Super Paradise Beach, a bay with a smaller beach, but very beautiful thanks to the rocks that surround it. Super Paradise is also a beach with bars, restaurants, and nightclubs. From Coco Club you can enjoy a breathtaking view of the bay and the beach.


The Psarou beach is the most exclusive beach on the island. About 5 Km from Chora, Psarou is a magnificent beach of white sand and crystal clear water. It is the VIP beach, surrounded by elegant clubs, restaurants and sushi bars, but also beautiful hotels.


The Agrari beach is a beautiful sandy beach with a beautiful turquoise sea and splendid backdrops. There are both establishments and a free area with bathrooms, showers, a restaurant and straw umbrellas. Agrari, 7 Km away, can be reached by bus from Mykonos city.


Kalafatis is a beautiful beach 12 Km from Chora. Famous among surfers because, thanks to the winds coming from the south, they make this beach their ideal place to take on the waves of this large bay. Also, with its golden sand and clear waters, it is the ideal place for swimming. Not far away is the beach of Agia Anna, more sheltered and less frequented.

Platis Gialòs

Not far from Mykonos city is Platis Gialos. It is one of the most equipped beaches on the island with a long stretch of golden sand and waters that slope gently into the sea, perfect for children.

Kalo Livadi

About 13 Km from Mykonos city, in the center of the large bay, there is the Kalo Livadi beach. A gorgeous very extensive beach, with light sand and crystal clear sea with turquoise shades. Kalo Livadi also has bathing establishments and a few bars, and it is reachable from the island’s capital by bus.

Paraga beach

Paraga Beach is one of the most beautiful and famous beaches in Mykonos, once a meeting place for the international hippie community. The beach is divided into two half-moons by a cliff, it is very beautiful and super equipped, as there are many bars, restaurants, and clubs where you can relax and enjoy a great meal, a drink or a cocktail.


A tour to the island of Delos is highly recommended. The island of Delos, declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1990, is a large archaeological site with ruins of different ages, numerous temples and an important archaeological museum. It is located just 2 Km from Mykonos. From Chora there are daily ferries that reach the island in less than half an hour. The island of Delos was already inhabited in prehistoric times, but it became very important in the seventh century BC. when it became the religious center of the Ionians.

In conclusion, Mykonos is a place that offers every visitor a unique experience, mixing the charm of the Aegean Sea with a rich culture and history. Whether you are a sea lover, a history enthusiast or a traveler in search of new adventures, Mykonos has something to offer everyone. If you liked this article, share it or leave a comment. We look forward to seeing you in Mykonos!


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